iFly Indoor Skydiving

Adam’s love for Full House and run for as long as I’ve known him. He watches it on Netflix all of the time. There’s one particular episode that he loves and I hate it (not because I don’t like the show) because of what it makes him want to do. He loves the episode of Jesse and Beckys wedding where Jesse goes skydiving before 😑. Ever since that episode he has always wanted to skydive. Ya not a big fan of falling to the earth (I do that enough time tripping over my feet) but from 12,500 ft at 200 km/h ummm I’m thinking not. Knowing my luck I’ll end up as a big splat in someone’s yard. 

So Adam turned 30 this year and I wanted to find something extra special for his birthday present. I had already kind of put a glitch in his birthday as I was chosen to go on a conference in Indianapolis for work on his birthday (that’s for another blog post). So my Mum told me about indoor skydiving in Niagara Falls. The place seemed fine but after reading the reviews on TripAdvisor, I was thinking I didn’t want to die, so I found another place in Oakville called iFly Toronto. They had a special deal going on (I think it was $112 for 4 flights) so I bought the certificates to use for another date and we finally used them this weekend. I called them up last Monday to book a reservation for this weekend but they said they were booked up on the weekends for 6 weeks. Now with Adam going away to work on the ships this winter, we don’t know when he will be working like on weekends or not. So we booked for Friday November 4th and got in right away. 

So the morning of Adam and I took separate cars so he can drive home after and I (being so close to work can drive to work after this). We were told to expect it to take 2.5 hours with all the training, suiting up, and waiting. So we got the 10am flight time.

So, walking in there, I’ve got to say it’s very clean, brand new, and kept up. We had to sign in and then go around the corner to give all of our information on these touch screens. Now I’m not a patient person at the best of times, but OMG did this take forever! The screen wouldn’t react to my touches for something and then it was too sensitive other times. Even the father beside us had issues so it wasn’t my fat finger syndrome. 

So Adam and I did the training with our instructor Matt who showed us all of the hand signals on the wall and the last one said smile. He kept saying this isn’t mandatory, but apparently he listened to himself too much then. Adam thought he was fine but, hmm, it felt he just wanted to get out of there! We went over by the other instructors and one remarked “Come on Matt smile!” So maybe it’s not just me that noticed it. Adam thought he was fine but working in customer service for years and noticing it, you’ve got to wonder if he’s just had a bad day or he’s like this all of the time. 

We got into the tunnel and a teen went before us because he had done this before. The last three (us included) had never done anything like this before. The teen was doing fine but we kept noticing that if the teen didn’t do something correctly immediately, then Matt would turn to the operators in the booth and roll his eyes. This didn’t just happen with him, it happened to the other woman in our group; I can only imagine what his did when it was my turn. Now I can understand that people can frustrate you at your job, but that doesn’t give you the right to roll your eyes in front of people and let other customers see you do it. At least do it in the break room with the other instructors where no customers see you. Adam walked into the tunnel and being the 6’1 man that he is, he hit his head (helmet really) on the padded door frame; this tends to happen a lot with him lol. We were all trying our hardest to do it correctly but seeing that put me on edge not to screw up. So getting nervous about the flight and worried I’ll do something wrong, I did screw up. I didn’t fold my hands to my chest and held onto the door frame. Matt pushed me back and said “Stop! Stop! Stop!”. I’m pretty sure I could figure out to stop at the first “stop” but he kept going. Now at this point, I’m worried to be embarrassed again, because like another user said, you are on display for everyone to see you (flying or spectators not flying). I can understand that it’s for my safety all the procedures, but Matt could have handled it a lot different. 
The flight was fun and it did feel like a lot of time had passed. I kept moving my arms closer to my body because lifting them the way you are supposed to made them (and my abs) ache the entire time flying and afterwards. At one point I looked at the clock on the wall and saw I had 13 seconds left and I was debating whether or not I should stop the flight early.
Then our group was asked if we wanted to fly to the top 3 times for an extra $10, all of our group said yes. He told us to remain perfectly still and to not move when we go to the top. I didn’t think any of us moved during the flight (I’m thinking maybe the teen did because he only went up once) but after we were taking our suits off, Matt said in a very condescending way “Well I guess we weren’t listening to me when I said not to move at the top”. At this point I was ready to get out of there.
I was reading some of the other reviews who said it was run by kids. The response from the company was that all of the instructors are highly trained; they might be trained in skydiving but they (our instructor) wasn’t trained in customer service. We paid a lot for this and the instructor ruined my experience. My husband had a blast and will go again but I never will. 
Im not trying to deter anyone away from this company but just giving my honest opinion.

I posted this review on TripAdvisor on Monday at 9am and I received a call at 11am apologizing for the way we were treated and the horrible experience we had. They offered for us to come back and try out (with another instructor) to make amends. Do we will be going back soon. But for a company to get back to you that soon shows was integrity they have and I really commend the customer service rep Kaitlyn who called me and handled the situation very well and professionally. 


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