Autumn Dates🍁

Because of the work I do, I only get every other weekend off, so weekends that I am off and get to spend time with Adam, are precious. I don’t want to waste time at home doing nothing or waking up and spending 3 hours deciding what to do that day (and then it’s too late to go anywhere), so I’ve come up with a little binder with romantic date ideas and weekend getaway ideas to keep us entertained. Adam complains that he’s tired from work (an understandably so) and wants to relax, and I say we can relax when we retire lol! Seeing as the leaves are already changing!!!! (yes it is so) I’m going to share my fun Autumn Date ideas. I have done all but one of these ideas, so they are tried and true (at least for Adam and I). 

 Halton Craft Fair🎪

Fall into Nature at Kelso

 Rockton Fair🎡

 Oktoberfest🍻

 Hike to see the Fall Leaves🍂

 Apple Picking🍎

 Go see a musical or play🎭

 Credit Valley Scenic Train Ride🚂

Fort Erie Ghost Tour👻

 Pumpkin Picking🎃

 Hanes Haunted Corn Maze🌽


Starting off in September, when the leaves are just starting to turn and the weather is still on the warm(ish) side, we like to go to Halton Craft Fair in Milton. It’s in the shadow of Glen Eden ski hill at the Heritage Park. They sell all homemade trinkets and food in little stalls (like an autumn fair) and some in the village church and barn. It’s about $12 to get into the show and it’s worth it just to look around at the knick-knacks. We’ve bought homemade bath bombs, caramel corn, a candle made from a rock , Christmas ornaments, and a painted sign that hangs in our bedroom . The one thing Adam loves to find at these fairs is the jams/jellies/dips. One time we went and saw this jam tent with no vendor (not a good thing if Adam is coming) so Adam rushes over and tries every single jam there is (and there were a lot- don’t think he ate dinner that night he was so full). So me, being the delicate lady that I am (ha) tries an orange marmalade with one piece of bread. Then out of nowhere, the vendor pops out from behind a curtain, asks Adam “how is it?” I’m mortified that he just caught Adam eating half of his lively hood that I go up to Adam and see how he’s doing, in reality just trying to put an end to our embarrassing piggish nightmares that unfolding in front of us. I whisper to Adam that we needed to buy something because he just ate a jars worth of food. So I got an orange marmalade that had no pith in it or had a strong bitter taste (like most store bought marmalades do) and it lasted a good 4 months! Cute place to spend an afternoon just strolling in the open, crisp air gazing at all the treasures.

Going into October there’s the Rockton World’s Fair in….Rockton (just west of highway 6, north of 403 and south of the 401). It runs every Thanksgiving weekend from Friday-Monday and it’s a typical country fair with a midway, derby, horse shows, animals, and more. Our tradition is to watch the horse shows (jumps and trotting), check out the animals (Adam saying “Hello Mr. Moo Cow”- yes that did happen), going on the Ferris wheel, and getting a caramel or candy apple (drooling). For the first few years we got suckered into paying $5-$10 for parking when the fair offers free parking…even closer than the paid parking! This weekend is a weird time because I’ve been there and had to wear a winter jacket, boots, hat, gloves, and a scarf and then the next year I’m wearing shorts and a t-shirt.

Adam and I got new (and matching) hiking boots this year and we’re excited to work them in with hiking the autumn.

Yep…we’re THAT couple lol

Nothing beats hiking in Algonquin on our camping trip (and would love to see the fall leaves) but there are some great places around us so see the leaves changing. We love going to Devil’s punchbowl, which is just around the corner from us. It’s not really a hike as it is a lookout at the top, but it’s still a nice place to go to see the fall leaves over Stoney Creek, Hamilton, and Burlington with the lake off to the side. I remember climbing down the mountain and going into the bowl but I think they have closed that part off now. There is access from the bottom of the mountain into the bowl which I think we will try this year. Another place is Webster’s Falls in Dundas. It’s great for all seasons; picnics for Spring and Summer and then all year round for hiking and views of the falls (even in winter!) It has wide open areas with large willow trees to picnic under the shade and a stream with a small stone bridge. It also has about 10km of trails to another waterfalls and the views along the path are expansive viewing Hamilton. My favourite place to go hiking near us is Rattlesnake Point in Milton on the same escarpment as Glen Eden. It’s more difficult than the last two as there are more rocks and steeper climbs. The views are all of Toronto, Peel, Milton, and Burlington.

This one might not be for everyone, but it’s something I look forward to every autumn; seeing live theatre. Two years ago, my Mum and I went to see Pygmalion (play version of My Fair Lady). When I asked my Mum to go so it with me, her eyes squinted and she said “Is that the one about the Holocaust?”😑 …no. lol. My Mum gets free tickets from her work and we got pretty good seats last time (about 6 rows from the front). It was playing at shaw theatre so we made a night out of it and went out for dinner at the Pillar and Post first. The play was good (except for the English accents- yes I’m a snob about accents and it bugs me when I hear a horrible one). Last year, I dragged Adam to the ballet to see Swan Lake in St Catharines. We went out to dinner first at Taste of India and OMG the night was perfect. The meal was amazing; I have lamb korma and Adam (with the advice of my Mum- think she wants to kill him) had vindaloo. I kept warning Adam that it’s pretty spicy and maybe he should choose another one. He kept saying “Well your Mum can handle it, so I can too!” He couldn’t! He dove into the meal and was eating it like it was nothing. I tried one bite and my mouth was on fire. So clearly, Adam was trying to be macho about it! Then about 10 bites into it, his face starting turning red and he started getting sweaty. He was guzzling his drink so fast that he ran out, so started drinking his water….then mine….then my drink. Then after he ran to the bathroom to blow his nose because it was running so much from the heat, he came back and kept eating! While he was in the bathroom, a server took his glass to get refilled, but Adam didn’t realize this before he started eating again. So after two bites Adam looks for his glass and panics, at that point the owner (funny guy) who was carrying another tables food stopped, looked at Adam and yelled back at our server “WATER!!!!!!! NOOOOWWW!” like he was a doctor for 10 CCs of something. He was actually worried for Adam. Meanwhile, me being the loving wife I am, is dying laughing because I know this would happen and warned him constantly before we went. The water didn’t even help, they had to take away his dish and he finished mine in the end. Let this be a lesson to all men who don’t listen to their wives (especially ones that have grown up eating curry and know the spicy from the mild!) The ballet was amazing and the first time I had seen Swan Lake (won’t be the last!) We dressed up for the ballet and I wore an A-Line dress with a lot of crinoline in the dress; this one little girl actually said “Mommy it’s a princess…look!” Hell, I’m gonna wearing that dress everywhere I go now just to get those kind of compliments! This year, I’m dragging Adam back out, but this time is to see a musical; HMS Pinafore in Stratford. Hopefully it will be as perfect as last year’ outing as we’re going out to dinner in Stratford beforehand. Hopefully, I will be able to see Dracula playing in NOTL with my Mum. I read the book last year and it will be a fitting play to watch in October, just ready for Halloween.

Finally, there is a little corn maze around Adam’s parents’ house which we’ve only been to once and loved it. I loved it because of the challenge on getting out and solving the puzzles that set up in the maze. Adam loves it for a different reason; scaring the little kids as they run around. It’s a corn maze with little clues at each checkpoint and at the end you put all the clues together to solve a bigger mystery. There’s hot chocolate, hot apple cider, popcorn, and treats sold by the little bakery just off to the side. It’s more for fun for kids, but I’m short enough to get away with it lol. I do most of the guiding because even with a GPS Adam still somehow gets lost.

There are so many other things to do in the fall, but these are my top ones to do in my area and the ones you can really only do in the fall.

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