The Best Autumn Movies🍁🎥

There are soooo many Halloween or fall movies and such little time to watch them. When we hear people say they start decorating for Christmas the day after Halloween, we laugh because we start hanging the leaf wreaths and get out the apples and cinnamon candles. Nothing is better than watching a fall movie, snuggled up on the couch under a blanket with the fireplace crackling and a chill in the air. With that in mind, here is a list of my favourite fall and  to watch (in no particular order):

Fall Movies

You’ve got Mail (mostly takes place in the autumn, rustling leaves, and reading books – this can’t get any more fall-like)

Kate and Leopold (maybe it’s a Meg Ryan thing but this is a fall movie to me)

Stepmom (This one is good but too sad to watch every year)

Runaway Bride (everything screams fall in this movie and totally cute these two getting back together after Pretty Woman!)

My Best Friend’s Wedding (it’s like the Meg Ryan effect- Julia Roberts just says fall to me)

What Women Want (must be a ’90s rom-com thing)

Mona Lisa Smile (here’s Julia Roberts again. Takes place in Massachusetts in Wellesley women’s college during an academic year, beautiful scenery and costumes)

Cider House Rules (takes place in New England in the fall (perfect!) in a cider house)

The Scarlet Letter (New England, purtitans, need I say more?)

The Village (fall leaves, quaint village, scary as hell- yep)


Halloween Movies (Added a few more since last year)

Tower of Terror (Cute Disney movie, kinda scared me when I was younger lol)

Coraline (creepy claymation Tim Burton-esque movie)

Poltergeist (The Original) (ghosts, real cadavers, curses to this movie- hell ya!)

Practical Magic (witches- can’t forget this one)

So if we start at the beginning of September, and with this list being so big, (and my previous list) we would need to watch 3 movies a week to watch them all…challenge accepted!


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